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Guests can get a total of five extra hours in the park with Extra Magic Hours on select dates this fall. Only select attractions and experiences are available during these additional park hours.

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There are over 20 different hotel brands , each with varying themes Animated Disney films! New Orleans! National Parks!

All Disney World hotels, regardless of price point, offer the same access to Extra Magic Hours as well as a selection of perks, like transportation and free shuttle rides to and from Orlando International Airport. The seven Disney Springs Resort Area hotels will also have extra extra magic hour perks. All hotel reservations at the above properties include this new Extra Magic Hours offering as well as extended Fastpass windows — day booking, as opposed to 30 for standard ticket holders — and additional perks.

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I suspect Disney will somehow try and block any lines forming before the close of DHS on the 28th, but after that I think it will become fair game to start that line for the 6am opening. I have my tickets reservations for the opening days at Disneyland we have the first time slot but there's overlaps on other time slots how is Disney going to kick out the first group or can we hide in the bathrooms and stay longer LOL. With no reservation slots or time limits at DHS, how on earth are they going to manage crowd levels?

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Here is their response:. Probably will have wristbands like the after hours to tell the different groups apart. For DHS, I'm assuming they'll do the same as Pandora and just queue everyone up outside the park, The problem with DLR, there is no space to queue people outside or inside the park.

Although I have no desire to wake up at 6am, 3 hours is a great perk. I would assume you would be able to do most of the area with that much time. So basically, if you don't stay on property at Walt Disney World you'll have to invest at least half your day to see Galaxy's Edge due to a queue to enter the land as well as lines inside. Hopefully enough people will be done with Galaxy's Edge by the time the park opens to everyone, or I could see this becoming a disaster.

Regarding the Disneyland time slots, from what I've heard it will be a wristband system.

13 Non-Disney World Owned Resorts With Extra Magic Hours Benefits & 60-Day Advance FASTPASS

Once your time slot is over, you will not be physically forced out of the land, but you will be barred from joining any queues or making any purchases. With the majority of us , using the app. Selects slots.

Magic Johnson and Larry Bird: A Courtship of Rivals Basketball

Max wait time 45 mins Character meets photo opportunity incorporated into the line. They must be able to do this. I don't know, WDW has about 30, hotel rooms. That are about 81, guests. Say the ride will have a throughput of guests an hour and nothing breaks down. It would take a bit more that 40 hours to get those guests trough that ride. Only thing to soften the problem is having other new rides open so guests would spread like Universal did by opening Transformers in tandem with Diagon Alley.

And if they ever wanted to have the park open for 24 hours, they should do it for DHS.