The Battle of the Bulge

Battle of the Bulge: Rare Photos From Hitler's Last Gamble
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The Americans brought their air power into force and started a counterattack. On 25 January the battle was over. The Battle of the Bulge was the costliest operation ever fought by the U. German losses totalled 12, killed and 38, wounded. About 2, civilians lost their lives in Belgium and in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. For several years, the German from Gummersbach, The small village of Foy, just four kilometers to the north of Bastogne on the road to Houffalize, was It offers a Augusta Chiwy was a Belgian nurse who risked her life treating badly wounded American soldiers in the The Bastogne Barracks Museum was opened in It is located in the barracks that accomodated the Allied Fred Glavan left high school in Minnesota to join the elite American airborne forces.

It took a long The colonel knew there were 15 such divisions in total, but only five of these were accounted for in early December. Where were the others?

Panzerlied (Battle of the Bulge with english intro)

Other American generals in the region were totally unprepared. Since Hitler had been losing ground in France and Belgium for so long, it was assumed that his western forces were basically spent. Other than Koch, almost no one thought Germany was able or willing to mount a large-scale offensive campaign.


Both prior to and during the battle, English-speaking German troops disguised themselves in pilfered Allied uniforms and snuck behind enemy lines—and when the scheme was discovered, panic rippled through the American ranks. So at checkpoints, U. On another occasion, Brigadier General Bruce C.

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Clarke was detained after he misidentified the Chicago Cubs as an American League baseball team. By December 22, German forces had surrounded the town of Bastogne, Belgium, trapping 14, American soldiers and about civilians. At roughly a. The weather for most of the battle was, in a word, brutal. Hitler saw it as a strategic opportunity : He timed his Ardennes offensive for mid-December, to coincide with an outbreak of freezing rain, subzero temperatures, and dense fogs—conditions that would make it difficult for the Allies to use their aircraft to attack German ground divisions.

Many U.

Battle of the Bulge

The Battle of the Bulge, also known as the Ardennes Counteroffensive, was the last major German offensive campaign on the Western Front during World War II, . Called “the greatest American battle of the war” by Winston Churchill, the Battle of the Bulge in the Ardennes region of Belgium was Adolf.

Frozen soil was another problem for Allied troops who had been ordered to dig out trenches. Altogether, the U. Thousands of these occurred in the Bulge. Like the protagonist of his most famous book, Vonnegut—then a year-old private with the U.

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By then, murky skies and heavy precipitation had reached the Ardennes and Patton recognized them as a military disadvantage. I want a prayer. Grant us fair weather for battle.

Why is Hitler’s Ardennes campaign called the battle of the Bulge?

I have full confidence in your courage, devotion to duty, and skill in battle. We march in our might to complete victory.

The cards went out on December Within 24 hours, the skies had cleared well enough for the Third Army to proceed toward Bastogne though there was still plenty of snow. Get him up here.

The Battle of the Bulge

I want to pin a medal on him. The campaign kicked off on January 12, and would last through February 2. The Red Army came within 50 miles of Berlin itself—and on January 27, it liberated the Auschwitz concentration camp. Unable to endure sustained pressure from the Soviets and Western Allies, Germany surrendered without condition on May 7, seven days after Hitler took his own life. Some 1.

However, in response to personnel shortages in the Ardennes, General Eisenhower invited black soldiers to volunteer for service on the front lines. More than soldiers who took him up on the offer were chosen to fight. During the battle, the army set up companies consisting of both white and African-American platoons. Trick-or-treating, Jack-O'-Lanterns, and creepy costumes are some of the best traditions of Halloween. Share these sweet facts with friends as you sort through your candy haul.

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Jack-O'-Lanterns , which originated in Ireland using turnips instead of pumpkins, are supposedly based on a legend about a man name Stingy Jack who repeatedly trapped the Devil and only let him go on the condition that Jack would never go to Hell. The Devil gave Jack a lump of burning coal in a carved-out turnip to light his way. Eventually, locals began carving frightening faces into their own gourds to scare off evil spirits. Celtic people believed that during the festival Samhain , which marked the transition to the new year at the end of the harvest and beginning of the winter, spirits walked the Earth.

Later, the introduction of All Souls Day on November 2 by Christian missionaries perpetuated the idea of a mingling between the living and the dead around the same time of year. The plan: To cut west through those American forces, cross the Meuse River and capture Antwerp, a major source of Allied supplies. If successful, it would split the Allied forces in two, isolating and annihilating the troops to the north.

Snowy weather grounded Allied planes in mid-December, giving the enemy an advantage. On Dec. Four battle-weary divisions of the U. They hid and destroyed gasoline stocks the Germans needed, and they used obscure American trivia to stump Nazi infiltrators who had stolen American uniforms to create more chaos.

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Person of the Year. Share Tweet Email. TIME Health. Space Many of these pictures never ran in LIFE magazine.

The line surrounding the town of Bastogne was a crucial road and rail junction for the Allies. As the Germans approached, the U. They were then surrounded by the enemy, but they did as they were told — hold the town — even as German troops demanded their surrender. When the weather finally cleared, American airpower took to the skies again, attacking the Germans and bringing much-needed supplies to Bastogne. A few days later, the 4 th Armored Division, 37 th Tank Battalion of the Third Army — having moved more than miles in five days — was finally able to break the siege from the south, and the enemy never recovered.

German commanders convinced Hitler to allow them to withdraw. Across the Ardennes, the U.