Music in Puerto Rico: A Readers Anthology

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A good and challenging writing assignment is to ask students to write their own bilingual poem using any other language they may know. Our efforts have been a year in the making, and though we are a small team, we promise the end result will be nothing short of fantastic to celebrate the people of la Isla del Encanto. Traditionally, the seis could accompany dancing, but this tradition has largely died out except in tourist shows and festivals. Rob from New York City is reading at a fast enough pace it would be cumbersome to update this May 19, - am. Keep Reading. Paperback , pages. Welcome back.

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Information about Page Insights Data. That is what we will try to accomplish by sharing these works with each other and the world! The volume also examines musical differences in various regions, including mountains and plains. In addition, Music in Puerto Rico explores the various modes of musical expression that have been unique to different geographic regions, including the mountains and the plains.

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Puerto Rico's rich musical history is chronicled in Donald Thompson's translated texts, a history that is often unavailable to those who do not read Spanish easily. Music in Puerto Rico: A Reader's Anthology. Edited and translated by Donald Thompson. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press, [viii, p. ISBN 8.

The documented texts also simplify bibliographic search, as many of the anthology's original sources are difficult to locate. Thompson's book provides a glimpse into a society in which cultures intersect and in which magic was born in the form of the popular salsa. Musicians, musicologists, historians, students of Hispanic culture, and anyone interested in the musical foundations of Puerto Rican life will find Music in Puerto Rico a valuable resource.

As social conditions and urban decay took its toll in the projects New York City during the s, blacks and Puerto Ricans were equally affected. As a way of coping with the disarray that was taking place in New York, both Puerto Ricans and blacks worked together to collaborate on rap music that would help express their creative art. Hybridity and Identity in Latino Popular Music," many of the ways that blacks and Puerto Ricans coped with their struggles was through, "graffiti, DJing, emceeing, break dancing, and fashion—the cultural elements comprising hip-hop.

It involves sketching in historical contexts and sequences, tracing traditions and antecedents, and recognizing hip-hop to be more and different than the simulated images, poses, and formulas the public discourse of media entertainment tends to reduce it to. The decade and more of hindsight provided by the Puerto Rican involvement shows that, rather than a new musical genre and its accompanying stylistic trappings, rap constitutes a space for the articulation of social experience.

Despite the fact that Puerto Ricans had a huge impact on the rise of hip-hop during the late s, they struggled to receive credit as hip-hop was portrayed through the media as a genre that was predominantly black. Instead of switching genres, they had to find other ways to mask their cultural identities. For example, DJ Charlie Chase was one of the first Puerto Rican artists to burst onto the scene with his group, the Cold Crush Brothers , but was the only person in the original group who wasn't black.

He said that he knew he had to change his name because if he went out to perform as Carlos Mendes, he might not have gotten the credit or attention that he deserved. However, rappers such as DJ Charlie Chase set the scene for more mainstream success in the future. Dance is a performing art related to expressing one's ideas and values. This activity is associated with exercise because of the required movements required to execute specific dance patterns. In Puerto Rico, dance is considered to be a part of the culture which is passed on from generation to generation, and practiced at family and community parties and celebrations.

Music in Puerto Rico: A Reader's Anthology

Since pre-Colombian times, dance has always been part of the culture of Puerto Rico and has evolved according to the social and demographic changes. They practiced storytelling while the guide indicated which steps and songs to repeat until the story was finished.

Dances of European origin also became popular among the country folk and the settlers of the central part of the island. These dances rapidly got unique features of rhythm, instrumentation, interpretation, and even fashion. After the island was taken over by Spain, the music and dance of Puerto Rico consisted of a combination of the harmonious musical styles that are borrowed from Spanish, African, and other European cultures, creating Puerto Rico's signature style of Latin dance.

Salsa is a Spanish word that means sauce. It refers to the mixture of different rhythms composed of different Latin, African and Caribbean dances.

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Salsa is said to be first created around the s and became popular to the non-Latino world drastically. The salsa dance is similar to the mambo dance. Salsa dancing is structured in six step patterns phrased on 8 counts of the music. The 8 different steps include 6 moves with 2 pauses. The pattern of the dance is 1,2,3 and pause for 4, move for 5,6,7 and pause for 8.

The basic steps are: 1 the forward and backward: in this step consist of two rock steps going in and out of the moves. The second step is known as the basic side dance step, it is similar to the first step except for this step, the moves are towards the side. The side to side feels and turns are of the significant aspects of the salsa dance. It has a lot of flirty and sharp moves. This step is the most often used basic move of the dance. Base on the previous step, guys might not struggle but the ladies might because ladies have to know the exact turning spot in order to do this.

Overall, the dance is named of the scraping sounds produced by the feet of the dancers. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Variety of musical genres from Puerto Rico, US. Main article: Danza. See also: List of Reggaeton artists. Puerto Rico portal Latin music portal. Ponce, Puerto Rico. Accessed 26 October The Cuatro Project.

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