Citrix XenApp Performance Essentials

Citrix Xenapp Performance Essentials
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Displaying window content while dragging is a feature that consumes memory and network bandwidth. I usually disable it too. If this limit is, reached, XenApp degrades the color depth of the session. Furthermore, XenApp queues images before sending them to the client. If a queued image is replaced by another one, XenApp discards the first one and doesn't send it to the client. This feature is known as image tossing.

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The previous settings are included in the Graphics category. I found increasing the memory limit useful sometimes, especially when working with CAD applications. If users complain about choppy videos, try disabling the queuing and tossing feature. Dynamic Windows Preview is a feature Microsoft added in the latest versions of Windows.

By default if you publish applications with seamless window mode, the client OS can display dynamic previews for those applications. You can disable this feature to save bandwidth. The following screenshot displays the changing Graphics settings: Changing Graphics settings Visual Display computer policy The Visual Display category, as shown in the following screenshot, contains settings that may improve the responsiveness of the application at the expense of display quality.

So before applying them be sure to perform a test with your users. Sometimes you may need to increase it up to 30 fps for applications like 3D CAD. On the other hand you could decrease it to save bandwidth, especially when publishing applications don't require frequent screen updates for example, terminal emulators. This setting may greatly affect resources and bandwidth usage, so be careful and test any changes. It's more than a technology; it's a brand that encapsulates several different features, some of which were already previously available with different names.

HDX is designed to take advantage, when possible, of the processing power of end user devices. It offloads, when possible, the rendering of media content to the user device, reducing server's CPU load and bandwidth usage. Because the media content is processed on the user's device, the playback is not affected by latency. Flash redirection Adobe Flash is a technology adopted in many websites, including YouTube and other video-hosting services. It's also used in some web applications, for example, the management console of VMware View.

At the moment, this feature supports only Internet Explorer versions 7, 8, and 9 , not Firefox or Chrome. To enable Flash redirection, you must satisfy the following requirements: On the user device, install Receiver for Linux You need both versions, the first for session-host servers and the second for user devices. A category of settings is available in Citrix user policies to enable and configure the Flash Redirection feature as shown in the following screenshot: Configuring Flash redirection with Citrix policies On the client side, you can tune this feature using Windows Group Policy Objects.

Windows Media redirection XenApp is able to send multimedia files to the client in the original, compressed format and use the client's resources to decompress and render them. This feature is similar to the Flash redirection introduced before. If the user device runs Linux, you must install GStreamer if your distribution doesn't already include it.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Luca Dentella. Luca Dentella is an IT architect working for Citrix XenApp Performance Essentials Kindle Edition. by Luca. Citrix XenApp Performance Essentials (): Luca Dentella: Books.

You can enable this feature and tune the buffer size using Citrix computer policies. Before XenApp 6. With version 6. When you connect a new device to the endpoint, it's made available to the published applications with its own name as shown in the following screenshot: The new Plug and Play functionality in XenApp 6.

By default audio traffic is assigned the highest priority, ensuring low latency. Optimized HDX RealTime If you consider a generic softphone or unified communication client, you can logically split it into three layers: the user interface, the business logic, and the media engine. The media engine is the layer that handles signaling, encoding, and decoding of audio and video traffic. The idea behind this approach is to move the media engine layer to the user device.

Citrix XenApp Performance Essentials

The Citrix server no longer needs to handle audio and video streams, reducing bandwidth consumption and server load. The business logic and media engine layers still need a way to communicate. The interprocess communication has to occur over the network on a virtual channel as shown in the following diagram: Generic approach Optimized approach User interface User interface Business logic Business logic Audio Video streams Media engine Media engine Virtual channel User device Server User device Server Generic approach versus Optimized approach Implementing this architecture requires a change in the application.

Citrix XenApp Essentials Overview and Technical Discussion

I used the Lync optimization pack to publish about one hundred clients. The audio and video quality is similar to local clients and it didn't require many server resources. No additional configuration is needed. If you run the servers in a virtual environment, you must configure the GPU in pass-through mode. You can use it to get technical details about HDX and to troubleshoot any problems. Install the tool on any machine in your domain and enter one of your XenApp servers as the target.

HDX Monitor displays the status of the different HDX components Media and Flash redirection, Audio subsystem, and so on , and for each of them you can obtain status details and bandwidth usage. This is a very useful tool to verify which HDX features are actually running. HDX Monitor also gives you suggestions, warnings and errors about the analyzed system as shown in the following screenshot: HDX Monitor's suggestions and warnings [ 87 ]. With some optimizations and tuning and leveraging technologies provided by Citrix HDX, you can offer a high definition user experience to your XenApp users.

With HDX Monitor, you can check if all the features are running and inspect any problems. For more information, please read our shipping policy. Alternatively, you can buy the book from Amazon, BN. HDX 3D Version 1. All rights reserved. CMB 1I Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop Fast Track This fast paced course provides the foundation necessary for students to effectively centralize and manage desktops and applications in the datacenter.

It enables you to purchase Windows 10 virtual desktops from the Azure Marketplace. No details on the exact release date just yet. Note, only Windows 10 desktops will be available for purchase, no Windows 7, 8 etc. No Hosted Shared Desktops either. The same applies to Linux desktops by the way, these will not be available through XenDesktop Essentials. XenDesktop Essentials will be available for 12 dollars per user with a minimum of 25 users. Also be aware that your subscription will be auto-renewed.

It is based on a pay per user, per month model Pay as you Go. All are hosted in the Citrix Cloud. Next to the abovementioned 12 dollars you will still have to pay for all applicable Azure IaaS costs that will come from your Windows 10 based virtual machines, meaning storage, compute and network costs. In other words, bring your own Azure subscription.

By default, the VMs are separated across up to three fault domains and can be changed to between 1 and 3. Update domains — five update domains are assigned by default and this can be set to between 1 and Update domains indicate groups of virtual machines and underlying physical hardware that can be rebooted at the same time. For example, if we specify five update domains, when more than five virtual machines are configured within a single Availability Set, the sixth virtual machine will be placed into the same update domain as the first virtual machine, the seventh in the same UD as the second virtual machine, and so on.

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Citrix XenApp Performance Essentials is intended for IT architects and system administrators who work with Citrix XenApp and who need an agile, practical guide to tune and optimize the performance. Tagged: azure citrix citrix cloud XenApp Essentials. Step 9 : Enter in the required information — make sure to set the — Use managed disks — to No. Open the Network interface settings of the Virtual machine and connect directly to the — Private IP address — through a Remote Desktop console in your local network that is shared with the Azure vNet. Click on Connect to continue.

The order of the reboots may not be sequential, but only one update domain will be rebooted at a time. The Availability Set needs to be created before the Virtual Machine creation process , the base image must be placed in the Availability Set and the XenApp Essential Machines will take over those settings in the deployment process. T rials are limited , so you need to wait for approval before you can start with the setup.

Pre-step 2 : Enter in all the information and confirm your email address. Click on — Request Trial. Click on view trial status. Step 2 : Click on Create.

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Click on Connect to redirect to the Citrix Cloud portal logon page. Step 5 : Enter the numbers of users minimum amount of 25 to license — fill in the amount of 25 GB transfer add-ons that you want to buy.