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Add to Cart Add to Cart. Add to Wishlist Add to Wishlist. This book will influence the analysis of colonial and antebellum tax systems, and it raises anew some of the central issues of colonial and antebellum history. The arguments are clearly and strongly made.

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American Taxation, American Slavery [Robin L. Einhorn] on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. For all the recent attention to the slaveholding of. Editorial Reviews. Review. "[Einhorn] tells what might have been a complicated story in an American Taxation, American Slavery eBook: Robin L . Einhorn: Kindle Store.

This book deservedly will be widely read and discussed. The book aims at nothing less than revising the central story that most Americans have accepted about the growth of the national state. Graber, H-Net Book Review.

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Einhorn's masterful narrative challenges the conventional Jeffersonian story about the Southern yeoman origins of American liberty and anti-statism. A book that needs to be read by those who continue to subscribe to the resilient Jeffersonian myth that liberty and democracy require weak government. She has written her work forcefully and lucidly; it is well worth the time of anyone interested in American Studies, as well as in the culture of slavery.

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For all the recent attention to the slaveholding of the founding fathers, we still know remarkably little about the influence of slavery on American politics. American Taxation, American Slavery tackles this problem in a new way. Rather than parsing the ideological pronouncements of charismatic slaveholders, it examines the concrete policy decisions that slaveholders and non-slaveholders made in the critical realm of taxation. But here Robin Einhorn shows the deep, broad, and continuous influence of slavery on this idea in American politics.

American Taxation, American Slavery by Robin Einhorn

From the earliest colonial times right up to the Civil War, slaveholding elites feared strong democratic government as a threat to the institution of slavery. American Taxation, American Slavery shows how their heated battles over taxation, the power to tax, and the distribution of tax burdens were rooted not in debates over personal liberty but rather in the rights of slaveholders to hold human beings as property.

Along the way, Einhorn exposes the antidemocratic origins of the popular Jeffersonian rhetoric about weak government by showing that governments were actually more democratic—and stronger —where most people were free. A strikingly original look at the role of slavery in the making of the United States, American Taxation, American Slavery will prove essential to anyone interested in the history of American government and politics. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Textbooks.

American Taxation, American Slavery – By Robin L. Einhorn

These tax systems were more progressive than the European systems, imposing relatively higher burdens on the rich and relatively lower burdens on the poor. Specifically, they will always be about taxation, struggles over the power to tax, and struggles over the distribution of tax burdens. Northern taxes were more sophisticated than southern taxes. They might decide to persuade people to quit smoking or use public transportation through steep excises on tobacco and gasoline. More Business.

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Temporarily Out of Stock Online Please check back later for updated availability. Overview For all the recent attention to the slaveholding of the founding fathers, we still know remarkably little about the influence of slavery on American politics. About the Author Robin L. Einhorn is professor of history at the University of California, Berkeley.

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